Intelligent Drilling solutions for an unprecedented advantage in defining orebody. Drill-Intel by WSG is an exclusive range of tools and technology with up to 100 times the data capture of traditional downhole tools. Discover more and talk to WSG today.


Directional Core Barrel


Directional Barrel


Directional Core Barrel

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For orebody knowledge that makes a difference, Wireline Services Group are the first choice in our industry. Get the most out of your data set and make smarter decisions, faster with our unrivalled data analysis team. Our data experts give you access to precise geological and geophysical data intelligence, bringing a competitive edge and professional service to every project.


Over Fourteen Million meters of data over three continents. And counting.


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Optical and acoustic coal log


Every project starts with gaps of knowledge about the orebody. Through technology and trained personnel, WSG is able to bridge those gaps and drive informed decisions. If you need data from remote, barge-based or helicopter supported areas, we have the tools and the equipment to get there. Our expert field teams understand your operations and have the skills, experience, and knowledge to get the information required to maximize your opportunity. Our cutting edge subsurface data team includes PHD’s in geo-physics and have the extensive experience to deliver the highest standards of orebody knowledge. Anywhere, any mineral, WSG realise your project potential and drive discovery.

Using proprietary technology our elite data refinement capabilities help realise the value of your project and drive discovery. Our data solutions team provide the support that ensures your data is verified and optimised for accurate orebody knowledge. Powerful knowledge that has a direct impact on your bottom line and outcomes.

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Our longstanding professional relationships are defined by providing consistent value. Our highly trained professionals are continuously seeking out new technology and adapting to our clients needs.

We know data, and we know that providing the most accurate and insightful data equips our clients with the best chance of making a discovery, procuring the resource and creating safer workplaces.

We believe in working in collaboration with our clients to provide the services you need, exactly when you need them, always showing respect for the land and the people we work with.

We believe that when you’re armed with reliable data, you can make smarter decisions, faster.


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