High powered EM for metallic ore body exploration.

DHTEM: Down Hole Transient Electomagnetic Surveying

DHTEM can assist in the investigation of surface or airborne geophysical anomalies, detection of off-hole geological conductors, or with the mapping of alterations, contacts, and intrusions. Contact us for more details or specifications on how we can help.

MLTEM: Moving Loop Transient Electromagnetic Surveying

MLEM surveys are an effective way to image a target through multiple EM coupling (transmitter-receiver relative to target) scenarios with the potential to cover kilometers of tenement per day. MLEM is an ideal follow up to airborne EM, soil sampling and/or geological surveys. For more details or tool specifications please get in touch with our team. We’re here to help.

FLTEM: Fixed Loop Transient Electromagnetic Surveying

Highlight conductive targets with a FLTEM survey by combining a low-noise surface EM sensor with a large transmitter moment. FLTEM surveys can also be used to conclude a MLEM survey where the ideal EM coupling position has been established and a single sounding can be made to establish which a consultant can fit a time constant to create a first pass approximation of commodity type and potential grade.


Super conducting QUantum Interference Device – The cutting edge, high powered moving and fixed loop exploration tool. The SQUID is the world’s most sensitive receiver for transient electromagentic (TEM) measurements. The most common application is in the exploration of minerals. The SQUID’s unrivalled sensitivity provides the exploration community with data of deeper targets or ore bodies covered with a conducting overburden than conventional receivers. Reach out to the cutting edge of geo-exploration and ore body knowledge with the good people at Wireline Services to discover more.