We are Orebody Knowledge

The first step is key.

Outcomes are driven by data quality.

Unless your initial data is accurate an entire project may be compromised. Knowledge gaps lead to inferences that impact long term value and outcomes. Powerful knowledge is driven by accurate and consistent data. Whether acquired by WSG personnel or through collaboration with our clients, the objective is always for consistent and precise data.

WSG’s versatile range of data acquisition platforms, (from ATV mounted to man-portable), provide downhole solutions at depths up to 2,200m. There is nowhere we can’t go.

OUR people or yours. Training is key.

The best trained professionals in the industry

People and Training

Quality data revolves around having the right equipment in the right hands. WSG has developed extensive training programs to ensure our field engineers have the knowledge and skillset to acquire the best field data in the most effective manner.

WSG also provide in house training and certification for third party operators in wireline equipment. To ensure that data quality remains uncompromised, all data undergoes rigorous quality assurance processes through our WSG data team.

Good people are the core of our company. Ongoing training and development is part of our DNA including extensive  personnel systems such as:

  • Progressive onboarding
  • Defining our culture, values and behaviours
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Mental health focus
  • End to end training school for Geophysical wireline operators
  • Quarterly professional development days
  • Level progression and upskilling
  • Mentoring programs

Fast acquisition of field data where ever your project is located.

Logging Platforms

WSG has:

  • Mine site truck and light vehicle logging units
  • Light weight Helicopter Logging Units
  • Swamp and Snow capable all terrain vehicles
  • Underground logpods
  • Man portable small footprint systems

Integrated and online asset management systems ensure all our equipment is operational and purpose ready. Scheduled maintenance ensures that downtimes are kept to a minimum.

WSG has also commenced its journey towards full automation of data acquisition. Our current systems have now progressed to a point where manual handling has been reduced to a minimum.

Drive Informed Decision Making

With Innovative Subsurface Technologies

Directional Surveying

WSG provide a range of directional survey equipment to ensure the accurate location of all drill hole data. We are able to provide you with a full onsite or self drive service. Our range of tools include north seeking gyroscopes, MEMS and Multi-shot Magnetometers.

As with all our tools, calibrations and quality assurance form part of any data acquisition program.

Get vertical, horizontal and up hole surveying, and downhole results at depths of over 2km.

We understand the importance of speed and accuracy. Our equipment can be run in open hole, cased holes and memory mode (without the need for a wireline).

WSG is able to combine directional survey with other drill hole parameters to minimise time in data acquisition.

Drillhole Imaging

WSG is able to provide direct imaging of the borehole face using both optical and accoustic systems. The data is available in sub 2mm resolution and allows the direct measurement of structure and its orientation.

This data is able to be collected in blast holes, RC and diamond holes and is available at the drill site.

All data is oriented and recorded in millimetre resolution via Acoustic Televiewer, Optical Televiewer and/or video inspection and features can be interpreted as curves on image logs, tadpole plots or even as a 3D plot presenting data as a pseudo core image.

Optical and Acoustic imaging enables us to provide a 360-degree image, providing a “virtual core” even from RC drilling.

Rock Properties

We provide a range of down hole sensors that allow us to measure physical properties of Ore Bodies and Country Rock. Wireline offers the best range of geophysical tools in the industry, providing clients with a complete range of highly effective and insightful data.

  • Continuous Density data that informs resource estimation.
  • Magnetic Susceptibility data to model magnetic targets.
  • Resistivity and conductivity data for metallic orebody delineation.
  • Hydrogeological parameters of a formation (porosity, pore size distribution, and permeability).
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for acquiring information relating to the location, quality, and measurement of groundwater.
  • Acoustic velocity logs to ascertain rock strength and elasticity, seismic correlation or other mechanical properties for engineering purposes with the Full Waveform Sonic Tool.
  • Induced Polarization Tools provide an indication of the presence of massive and disseminated sulfide ores to assist with mapping, direct detection of mineralization in base metals or pyrite alteration mapping in gold deposits.