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Knowledge is power.

Turning data into powerful knowledge for a range of industries and commodities. We believe in a collaborative approach to find, analyse and deliver the data for your project. Whether you need to find the resource, make profitable decisions or ensure the safety of your team, you need the advantage of cutting edge data verification. A trusted and experienced team focused on getting results.

We provide our clients with a broad range of data solutions including:

Ore Body Characterisation & Modelling

• Grade control
• Alteration mapping
• Ore body delineation
• Equivalent Dry Density (EDD)
• JORC Compliant Density Modelling
• Modelling of DHEM Data
• Ore Body Vectoring

Geotechnical Analysis

• In-situ analysis to calculate U.C.S
• Rock competency
• Fault orientation
• Rock strength

Borehole Televiewer Analysis

• True dip and strike of structural and geotechnical features
• Structural information from any type of drilling convention (AC, RC, Diamond)
• Stress field orientation
• Vein and contact orientation
• Fast, accurate orientation available for direct import into your spatial data sets
• Paste hole and backfill inspections

Groundwater Solutions

• Moisture mapping
• Water quality
• Well monitoring
• Porosity and permeability
• Brine characterisation
• Hydraulic conductivity


We have the people power, the technology, and the experience to deliver. We are industry leaders in both data acquisition and analysis – providing clients with invaluable insights that lead to improved productivity and yield with safer sites and increased success.

Our methodologies are second-to-none.

Geotechnical & Engineering Geophysics

Our engineering geophysics and geotechnical services range from foundation investigation, fault mapping and grout monitoring, to tunnelling, tailings dams, subway and bridge investigations. WSG offer extensive geomechanical services, including rock mechanics assessment, modelling and flow charts to find and assess weak zones.
• Foundation investigation
• Grout monitoring
• Fault mapping
• Rock mechanics assessment and modelling
• True dip and strike in zone of poor core recovery
• Tunnelling, tailings dams, subway and bridge investigations

Mineral Extraction Industries

From vectoring, mapping and modelling, to blast pattern design and rapid grade control, Wireline Services Group offer a complete set of mineral extraction services. We have decades of global experience in the primary resources sector, culminating in our ability to perform any task, anywhere.
• Lithology mapping
• Alteration mapping
• Rapid grade control
• Blast pattern design
• Rock hardness
• Contact boundaries
• Off hole DHEM modelling
• Ore body vectoring
• Clay content backfill
• Paste hole monitoring

Hydrology & Environmental Application

We offer a spectrum of environmental services, including cement bond logging and well design, as well as continental mapping and monitoring. Specific to hydrology, we test for porosity, permeability, hydraulic conductivity, dissolved solids and flow rates.
• Water quality
• Hydraulic conductivity
• Porosity and permeability
• Flow rates
• Dissolved solids
• Cement bond logging
• Acquisition interconnectivity
• Continental mapping and monitoring
• Well design


Optimised extraction methods with the best tools and technology on the market. We provide subsurface data, intelligent analysis and expert results for both traditional and emerging commodities industries. We are dedicated to being world leaders in drill hole data and bringing you the very best intelligence.



Utilising existing drilling to identify gold bearing formations and equivalent dry density, as well as ore body vectoring from direct structural measurements.


Iron Ore

Use of a suite of downhole geophysical data to help you define the 3D extents of your orebody and build your resource models with a high degree of confidence.



Identify and delineate mineralisation down to 1cm resolution.



Utilise both onhole and off hole techniques to define your orebody.



Use of various geophysical methods to identify kimberlite or lamproite pipe extents and dykes geometry.



Characterisation tools to support the identification and optimal extraction method for nickel.



Fast eU238 logging for grade and identification, as well as porosity and permeability logging.



Using sophisticated downhole geophysical measurements for identification and geotechnical evaluation of coal resources.

Accurate Data, From the First Drill Hole

Regardless of how your data was gathered, our data processing centre can provide deeper analysis and a clearer picture.

Get maximum benefits from each and every data set. Whether you need basic, specialty or customized analysis, our in-house expert teams of geologists and geophysicists can ensure you get the very best in data-based solutions.

Team players

Our data science teams are located in Australia and Canada overseeing the quality and delivery of data from the field. These teams also undertake the post acquisition processing and answer product generation.

Subsurface Data Science

Our data analysis and interpretation services are recognized by some of the world’s leading resource companies. Our expertise has evolved from working across multiple commodities on some of the largest projects in the world. Pioneering technology and data labs that work around the clock to provide you with fast turn around for results and analysis.