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Wireline Services Group has acquired data from over 10 million meters of drilling across three continents. We have crews experienced in underground, surface, barge-based and helicopter-supported drillhole data acquisition.

Directional Surveying

We accurately survey the path of your drill hole in any direction, utilising a range of North Seeking Gyroscopic and magnetometer survey tools.

Borehole Visualisation

We measure geotechnical and structural information directly from the borehole face. All data extracted is oriented and recorded in millimetre resolution via:
• Acoustic Tele viewer
• Optical Tele viewer
• Video inspection

Physical Rock Properties

We take a direct measurement of rock properties in-situ. Accurately calibrated and corrected data allows surface geophysical data to be constrained, delineation of ore bodies and alteration mapping to be carried out quickly from existing boreholes.

Groundwater Characterisation

Employing a range of techniques to acquire information relating to the location, quality and measurement of ground water. This includes:
• Flow metres
• Casing and screen inspections
• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
• Fluid conductivity
• In-situ fluid sampling

Off Hole Measurements

If your drill hole has missed its target, we can provide drill hole modelling of downhole magnetometer and electromagnetic surveying to help guide you back to the correct destination.

World-Class Drillhole Data Acquisition Equipment

Our extensive suite of tools and equipment facilitate the precise acquisition and analysis of data.
We offer a versatile range of data acquisition platforms from ATV mounted to man-portable. We’re able to provide downhole solutions to depths of 2,200m and offer vertical, horizontal or up hole directional surveying.

Combining cutting-edge technology with strong cross-industry knowledge, we are able to conduct drillhole data acquisition anywhere in the world. From there we conduct thorough data analysis tailored to the requirements of each project. Using this data, our clients can de-risk their venture and make informed decisions that will maximise their successes.

Our drillhole data acquisition techniques range from surveying and visualisation, to extracting information about rock properties and groundwater characterisation. We conduct vertical, horizontal and uphole surveying, and can provide downhole solutions at depths of over 2km. This is achievable through the deployment of the latest tools and technology by world-class geologists and geophysicists.