Our services go beyond data acquistion – providing all Drillhole Data applications. We apply innovative processes and technologies across multiple industries. We develop a well-rounded, tailored solution to fit each of our clients’ needs.

Mineral Extraction Industries

• Lithology mapping
• Alteration mapping
• Rapid grade control
• Blast pattern design
• Rock hardness
• Contact boundaries
• Off hole DHEM modelling
• Ore body vectoring
• Clay content backfill
• Paste hole monitoring

Hydrology & Environmental Application

• Water quality
• Hydraulic conductivity
• Porosity and permeability
• Flow rates
• Dissolved solids
• Cement bond logging
• Acquisition interconnectivity
• Continental mapping and monitoring
• Well design

Geotechnical & Engineering Geophysics

• Foundation investigation
• Grout monitoring
• Fault mapping
• Rock mechanics assessment and modelling
• True dip and strike in zone of poor core recovery
• Tunnelling tailings dams, subway and bridge investigations

Endless Drillhole Data Applications

With such a talented team at our disposal there are many precision applications of our expertise. We cater for all industries, covering all possible drillhole data applications.  Through the best execution of technique and technology we are innovating worldwide in the fields of mineral extraction, hydrology and geophysics.

From vectoring, mapping and modelling, to blast pattern design and rapid grade control, Wireline Services Group offer a complete set of mineral extraction services. We have decades of global experience in the primary resources sector, culminating in our ability to perform any task, anywhere.

We offer a focused spectrum of environmental services, including cement bond logging and well design, as well as continental mapping and monitoring. Specific to hydrology, we test for porosity, permeability, hydraulic conductivity, dissolved solids and flow rates.

Our engineering geophysics and geotechnical services range from foundation investigation, fault mapping and grout monitoring, to tunnelling tailings dams, subway and bridge investigations. We offer extensive geomechanical services, including rock mechanics assessment, modelling and flow charts, and can find and assess weak zones.

All of the applications of our services utilise our exceptional data analysis techniques. We provide our clients with everything needed to further their own successes and lead to the most desired outcomes. Our team strives for perfection, delivering quality and safety every time.