Our team are dedicated to delivering the maximum benefit from your drilling program. We provide a range of data-based solutions to empower you to make informed decisions about your subsurface environment.

Acquiring quality data is only the start of the journey.

WSG has a dedicated team of geologists and geophysicists who are mandated to provide  the best solutions for our client partners.  From Gyroscopic survey validation to comprehensive reporting, our Drill Hole Data Services Team are happy to discuss how you can make the most of your data set.

Borehole Tele viewer Analysis

• True dip and strike of structural and geotechnical features
• Structural information from any type of drilling convention (AC, RC, Diamond)
• Stress field orientation
• Vein and contact orientation
• Fast, accurate orientation available for direct import into your spatial data sets
• Paste hole and backfill inspections

Geotechnical Analysis

• In-situ analysis to calculate U.C.S
• Rock competency
• Fault orientation
• Rock strength

Groundwater Related Solutions

• Moisture mapping
• Water quality
• Well monitoring
• Porosity and permeability
• Brine characterisation
• Hydraulic conductivity

Ore Body Characterisation & Modelling

• Rapid grade control
• Alteration mapping
• Ore body delineation
• Equivalent Dry Density (EDD)
• JORC Compliant Density Modelling
• Modelling of DHEM Data
• Ore Body Vectoring

Axiom Processing System

We have developed a powerful set of tools that allows spatial data set to be combined with drill hole data to deliver new insights.  Axiom uses the latest advances in computer science to unlock relationships between petrophysics, geochemistry, geometallurgy and geology to delivery greater clarity and understanding.

Axiom has multiple applications that can be tailored to our clients unique requirements

 Axiom Analytics:

This group of processes enable our team to quickly explore the relationships between different drillhole data sets to unlock new insights for our clients

Axiom Visualisation:

View your as domains across multiple drillholes to give you the bigger picture

Axiom ML (Machine Learning):

Axiom ML is a neural learning system, allowing algorithms to be refined as drilling data is added to the learning set, further enhancing the value of the process.